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A   4 wheeled pedal bike

with electric assist






The original concept model, now with:

hard canopy,

locking tote box,

solar panel




Almost 5 years old with ~ 2,800 miles. (almost across the US… lot of trips to the grocery store..)




I want our Disabled Veterans to regain some of the
Freedom and Independence
they gave up for





This bike makes it so:


·       Disabled Veterans and others can regain some of the freedom they have lost.

·       Cyclists can continue biking as they ‘Age in Place’

·       Anyone can enjoy biking and get exercise as they do their daily traveling.

·       Shut-ins can be less dependent on others.


·       You can  ‘Go GREEN’







Marilyn Quad.jpg        Snapshot 1 (9-15-2018 9-06 AM) doc on quad.png


Click on either image for short video



Benefits of the Freedom Quad


“The best way to get up the hill if you are concerned with being over the hill.”




  • No drivers license or insurance required.
  • No registration, inspections or $$ for tabs required.
  • Easy entry - (Nothing to step over to get to the seat- great for people with physical challenges)
  • 4 wheel stability - no tipping over 2 & 3 wheel bikes tip over
  • Control your Exertion w electric assist (1 hp-750 watts)
  • Control your Cadence by shifting gears
  • Outdoor Aerobic Exercise,
  • Comfortable, safe & practical,, going for groceries, to the library.. etc. wherever you want.
  • Comfortable adjustable recumbent seat.
  • Totally Green...
  • Fits tall and short people by adjusting the seat and crank
  • Fits through your front door
  • Up to 20 mph allowed in most states for using electric power only.
  • Ride on bicycle lanes or on the street, and highways where bicycles are allowed.
  • Tall enough to be visible
  • 40+  mile range @ 15mph
  • Large basket for stowage.
  • Knowing you can get back on electric leads to quickly expanding your horizons.
  • Solar available… No worry about over charging.
  • ...etc.




Pictures of what’s in development  (click here) 







“safest and most bang for your buck is a recumbent cycle."

Dr. Michael Okun (medical director of the Parkinson's Foundation)




Exercise May Be Real Medicine for Parkinson's

-click to see article-

By Cecilia Lalama HealthDay Reporter




"if you had to go to one-size-fits-all, overall the most useful, safest and most bang for your buck is a recumbent cycle."



Electric Bicycle laws summarized at Wickipedia:   


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